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Thanks for stopping by. Hands Across the Valley is a website dedicated to learning more about the products in the security related industry. Through my years as an install of high-end alarm and surveillance systems, I learned the ins-and-outs of this industry and would love to share that knowledge with you.

Security Related Products I Sell On H.A.V:

Below you will find blocks that represent each of the categories of products I write about on my site. My goals are to:
  • Provide you with the facts you need to make an informed decision
  • Help guide you in choosing the right products
  • At some point in the future I hope to market my own products and consulting services.
Doorbell and Chimes
ch1505-bk-doorbell-largeThey seem simple enough, but with all the different functionality and designs, they can get a bit confusing.  I am a dealer for a wide variety of brands like 1800doorbell.com, Security2020, Carlon, & Dimango.  Call me if you have any questions at all regarding them; whether it's information on how to install them, how to repair them, or what the replacement should be.
Entrance and Exit Alarms
The products I sell here are designed to be easy to use and install yourself, without having to call a contractor to do this for you.  Do you have a pool?  Make sure you have alarms on the doors contact-entrance-alertsin case a wandering child approached the pool.  Our entry alerts come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.
Home & Business Security Products
odomeWhether you need an entrance alert on your door, and exit alarm to monitor ingress and egress routes, security cameras, or a full home alarm security system, give me a call or shoot me an email and I will do my best to point you in the right direction.  With over 1,000 different home alarm companies out there, it's easy to spend a lot of money on a system that is over-priced.  I am here to help!

Biometrics and Door Entry Security

Security is a vital portion of any business, so there are many options available that businesses should consider in order to maximize their protection. Some of these options are available to read on a security blog. This is a great place to get unbiased information from professionals in the security field. One important type of security that companies need to implement is door entry security. These can range from card readers, to key pads, or include biometrics. In recent years, biometrics has been gaining popularity, but even these innovative technologies are not fully safe. If your company can afford it, a combination of all three door security methods could prove to be beneficial. With multiple security features, it will be increasingly difficult for a potential burglar to gain access to your building. Keep in mind that this is still not one hundred percent effective because of the presence of professionals. However, using biometrics, card readers, and keypads are a great deterrent to a majority of individuals interested in gaining access to your business. Biometrics are the wave of the future. Fingerprint scanners are some of the most common forms of biometrics. These technologies are now available on laptops and cell phones in order to prevent unnecessary use. These sorts of technologies are extremely affordable, but they are also relatively simple for a burglar to crack. In order to prevent this, higher quality biometrics will be needed. Optical scanners and palm scanners are an alternate method that has proven to be reliable. If you combine these technologies with an intricate key code and key card, then it will be improbable for a majority of individuals to enter your place of business. There are many factors that will go into this, so it is important that you hire professionals to help you with your door security.

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Outdoor Rated Battery Powered Door Chime

Carlon Wireless Doorbell Selections

Carlon wireless doorbell products are just some of the world’s greatest doorbell selection. The Carlon wireless doorbells are widely patronized because of their durability, functionality, and superb innovative features. Carlon is by far providing the world with the finest and high grade doorbells which cater to different needs. Each Carlon wireless doorbell is surely made from high quality plastic, metal, and wooden products. They also have a long line of chime products, wired and battery-operated doorbells. Some of their grandest products are the following:   The Wireless Strobe Flashing Door Chime is a Wireless Doorbell for the hearing impaired. This Carlon wireless doorbell is easy to install and can be used conveniently in favor of those people who have difficulty in hearing. This device is also appropriate for noisy environment or neighborhood. With its loud sound with multiple note options and bright flashing light, users will surely be aware that someone is at the door at an instant. This device can be easily installed or plugged into a wall socket and in other surfaces. It has the ability to efficiently transmit signals to the chime receiver if activated. Among its other features are adjustable volume control, six notes options, 32 changeable codes to avert interference; and three excellent sounding speakers. Meanwhile, the wireless battery-powered chime by Carlon comes in a stylish white cover with brass finish tubes. It also comes with 32 changeable code, five year warranty, buttons, adjustable volume control, and four fine sounding speakers. It can also produce sounds with a range until 150 feet, and users have 10 selectable note options. This Carlon wireless doorbell is affordable and can be installed in just a few minutes. Carlon’s battery powered door chimes also comes with a natural wood cover design. This model has the same features as the white one, but looks more appropriate for houses with wooden furniture and setting.             Finally, Carlon also introduces its weatherproof battery-powered door chimes. This revolutionary door chime from Carlon is perfect for outdoor use. They can be placed in the garage, pool area, patio, and deck. This device plays thirteen tunes which sound excellently through the 2 1/4” speaker. There is also a LED indicator which gives users a hint if the unit is working. This device also has an operating range of up to 150 feet. By its name, this Carlon door chime can withstand any weather. It is guaranteed to be sturdy and can avert early deterioration, damage, humid, moist, and infestation.

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